About The Trainer

Like a lot of dog trainers, Kitty had a love of animals from a young age. Her first pets included a budgie named Candy and a mini-lop bunny, Snowball. Living in an apartment meant she couldn’t have the pet she really wanted, a puppy, so she channeled her energy into learning everything she could about dogs.

In 2012, she finally moved to a place where she could have a dog, but realised her life didn’t have the stability needed for such a long term commitment. Instead, she reached out to a few rescue organisations and decided to foster a dog instead. She still remembers the first dog she ever fostered, a young rottweiler cross who’d been physically abused as a puppy and had spent most of his life in kennels since. From this, she discovered a passion for behavioural psychology that led her to this career.

Since then, she has fostered almost 40 rescue dogs, most recently with German Shepherd Rescue NSW. She has also been teaching obedience classes at Hornsby Dog Training Club, where she is currently Deputy Chief Instructor. In 2018, she officially made the career change to dog trainer, and has since completed a Cert IV in Companion Animal Services to become qualified. After starting in the “dominance” camp and dabbling with “balanced” training, she is now a firm advocate of force-free training with a priority on the physical and emotional welfare of the animal.

There’s always new information, new studies and new techniques arising from the rapid improvement in the science and technology of our society. Kitty believes to be a good trainer and behavioural consultant means to continue to learn, change and adapt with all the new information. She believes there are always ways to improve and be better, and that becoming complacent with something just because it “works” has no place in this industry. To this end, she continues to read, watch and learn from more experienced trainers, and attends as many APDT and PPGA workshops and summits as she can. 

Wet Dog

Qualifications, Experience and Education:

  • Cert IV in Companion Animal Services
  • Member of APDT Australia (Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia) and PPGA (Pet Professional Guild Australia)
  • 5 years experience instructing at Hornsby Dog Training Club (currently Deputy Chief Instructor)
  • Fostered almost 40 rescue dogs
  • Puppy classes at local vets

Recent Summits and Workshops

  • APDT Making Dogs Happy Symposium
  • PPGA Annual 3 day Summit


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